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Malagasy Definition of Malagasy in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
Its vocabulary is mostly French, with a few Malagasy, Bantu, English, and Hindi words. Up to 7 species of Malagasy warblers may co-occur at the same site; up to 5-6 can be in the same mixed species flock. Onshore, scout for lemurs in the rainforest with Malagasy guides.
Malagasy definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Definition of Malagasy from the Collins English Dictionary. Demonstratives are used to specify the distance of something in space or time in relation to the speaker. The demonstratives are: this, that, these, those. This and these refer to objects near the s.
Malagasy to English dictionary Madagascar.
fitodiana, n: airport or port. gasy, adj: short for Malagasy. hazandrano, n: fish, shrimps, water snails, etc, used as food. hazo, n: tree, wood. hotely, n: restaurant. karenjy, v: to stroll. Karenjy is also the name of Madagascar's' one and only car brand.
Anglais-Malgache Dictionnaire, Glosbe.
Vous devez comprendre, que Glosbe ne stocke pas juste la traduction des mots, mais plutôt lidée de ce que signifie le mot.En ajoutant de nouvelles traduction vous participez donc à enrichir la définition et la compréhension de lusage du mot.
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Translation Services Languages M Malagasy. Choose the first letter to select required language.: Translation Services USA offers professional translation services for English to Malagasy and Malagasy to English language pairs. We also translate Malagasy to and from any other world language.
Malagasy French translation Linguee.
Send code and continue to use Linguee. Look up in Linguee. Suggest as a translation of Malagasy." Linguee en franais. gb English fr French. gb English fr French. fr French gb English. gb English nl Dutch. gb English de German.
Malagasy English-French Dictionary WordReference.com.
définition Synonymes anglais en espagnol Conjugueur en contexte images WR Apps: Android iPhone Word of the day. WR Reverse 2. WordReference English French Dictionary 2018.: Malagasy n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. sb from Madagascar habitant de Madagascar.
Malagasy English Dictionary. Malagasy English Dictionary.
Peace Corps Course. Malagasy English Dictionary. Enter a word to look up and select a dictionary below. 1 English Malagasy. 2 Malagasy English. 3 Malagasy Dictionary. 5 more search buttons left side. 6 Search more. 7 List of Malagasy dictionaries A Z.
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